Buddies List:

What is the Buddies List for?

Buddies List is the virtual list where you can keep the information about liked you members of a site. Next time, when you want to contact to someone from this list, you should not search for him. For this purpose it will be enough for you to glance in your Buddies List.

Who can use a Buddies List?

All members can use Buddies List without dependence from the status.

How to add a member to the Buddies List?

For addition a member click on the corresponding button in the result of search or in the profile on the member of a site whom you like.

How to remove somebody from the Buddies List?

For deletion of the member from Buddies List go under the link "Buddies List" in the main menu. Note a tick of members which you want to delete from the Buddies List and press the button "Delete selected".

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