Who can send and receive E-Cards?

E-Cards can be used only by Gold Members.

What are the E-Cards?

E-Card is an electronic card which contains the image. E-card can contain a short text subscription.

How to send the E-Cards?

It is possible to send E-Cards from a profile of a member of a site or from the result of search. Also it can be made from the page of our site. You must click the menu on the link "E-Card". It is necessary to choose a picture in the opened dialogue window and, if you wish, to write to it some lines of the subscription.

How to learn about received E-Cards and how to read them?

You can find such information at E-Cards Page. You can get at this page by clicking in the main menu under the link "E-Cards" or on the corresponding link at Home Page. It is necessary to proceed under the link "View e-card" for viewing a card.

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